Frequently Asked Questions

What fees are there?

Only one — the transaction fee. It’s 2.9% plus a $0.10 flat charge for each transaction, and there’s no fee to get it in your bank or to get it to your debit card.

Just make sure you have your Stripe account connected in your dashboard settings.

When do I get paid?

With our friends at Stripe, you’ll get paid nearly instantly. As soon as you make a sale, that charge is on its way to your bank. At most, it should take two days before you can withdraw those funds. Check your Stripe account for those details.

Who has the responsibility of fulfilling sold products?

The shop owner is responsible for shipping the listed and sold products. HelloSell has no role in the production or fulfillment of the products listed on its site. Feel free to email the creator through their store page if you have any questions about this process.