Getting Started

Welcome to the Barton Marketplace! Let’s get started creating your store. This guide walks you through the process of adding products, entering your payout details, and interacting with the Vendor Dashboard.

Profile Settings

Visit My Account> Vendor Dashboard> Profile and complete your name and contact information if needed. The Vendor Dashboard will be the main form of product creation and interaction as a vendor.

In Profile, add an email address that you will receive weekly payouts through PayPal. If you haven’t already, sign up with PayPal with that email address. All payouts will result in instant reception of funds.

Add Products

In your Vendor Dashboard, add a new product and fill out the Product Name, Description, and Pictures.



If your product has one variation, it is a Simple Product. If it has multiple variations, it is a Variable Product (a variable product might be a t-shirt that is sold in Small, Medium, and Large). Check the box that corresponds to your product.


Variable Products, set an attribute such as color, size, or other variation. Attributes will need to be separated by a vertical line “|”. (ex. Small | Medium | Large)

Once completed, your Variable Product page will look something like this. Color was the attribute.



Set Shipping Costs

There are two shipping costs that can be created: a Flat Rate and Per-Product Shipping.

First edit your product. On the Shipping tab you will see a per-product shipping checkbox. Check the box to enable per-product shipping – from there you can add your costs:



If you choose to select the “Add per-product shipping cost to all shipping method rates?” option, the per product shipping cost you set will be added on top of any additional shipping methods you have activated already.


If you need very specific rates, click ‘add row’ in the table and fill in each column:

  1. Country Code – Use the 2 digit country code, e.g. US or GB
  2. State/country Code – Use a 2 digit state code, e.g. AL or NY
  3. Zip/postcode – Enter a single postcode to apply the rule to. Use a wildcard to match multiple similar postcodes, e.g. PE* or 90210
  4. Line Cost – Enter a cost which is applied to the line (ignores quantity). This cost should exclude tax.
  5. Item Cost – Enter a cost which is applied to the item (cost * quantity). This cost should exclude tax.

Add as many rows as you need, and feel free to leave the more complicated columns as they are.


In the following example, Flat Rate Shipping was set at $7.50 and the Per Product Shipping was set to $5.



Email Notifications

You’ll receive an email for all the following events- all sent to the address you provided in your Profile

  • Vendor Registration – Sent to confirm registration form was submitted to store owner.
  • Order Email – Notifies vendor of a new order.
  • Canceled Order Email – Sent to notify vendor that customer canceled.
  • Order Note to Customer – Sent to customer when vendor adds a note, e.g., Tracking number, personal thank you.