Creating Products


In your Vendor Dashboard, go to Products> Add Product.

Add a title and description for your new product.



Product Data

This box is where you’ll add the important details for Prices, Shipping Costs, Inventory, and more.



If you run a business that uses SKUs, add that value in this section of Product Data. Add Regular and Sale price for this product here too.


The inventory section allows you to manage stock for this product and decide whether to allow back orders.




  • Weight – Weight of the item.
  • Dimensions – Length, width and height for the item.
  • Shipping Class – Shipping classes are used by certain shipping methods to group similar products.


Linked Products

This section allows you to link the current product with others in your shop, allowing you to

Using up-sells and cross-sells, you can cross promote your products. They can be added by searching for a particular product and selecting the product from the dropdown list.



Up-sells are displayed on the product details page. These are products that you may wish to encourage users to upgrade, based on the product they are currently viewing. For example, if the user is viewing the coffee product listing page, you may want to display tea kettles on that same page as an up-sell.



Cross-sells are products that are displayed with the cart and related to the user’s cart contents. As an example, if the user adds a Macbook to their cart, you may want to suggest they purchase an extra Mouse when they arrive at the cart page.


Adding Product Images

When adding a product, the option to add images is available on the right side of the screen.



Featured Image

This is the main picture for the product and is the focus for the product.



Product Galleries

These are all the images associated with the current product. Add pictures to the Product Gallery Box.



Re-ordering Products

Simply drag-and-drop images to re-order them.



Deleting an Image

Hover over an image and click on the red ‘X’.




Customer View

Once completed, a customer will see a product like this in your store.