Vendor Frequently-Asked-Questions

Hi there! This page should answer common questions that vendors have when interacting with the Barton Marketplace.

What is Commission?

Commission is the percentage of a sale that goes in your pocket. A $100 sale with a 95% commission rate will result in you receiving $95.

Commission rates can be viewed in your Vendor Dashboard.

When do I get paid my commissions?

As of now, every Monday at 8AM CST. We’re looking to implement an instant transfer soon so you’ll receive funds as soon as a customer pays.

As always, you’ll receive commission payouts through PayPal. Make sure you have an email address set up in Profile in Vendor Dashboard.

I just made a sale. Now what?

Congratulations! Now you must fulfill and ship that order to your customer.

In Vendor Dashboard, view your orders (My Account> Vendor Dashboard> Orders). Your list of orders might look something like this.



Click on an order, and you can see the order details. You can find the customer’s shipping address and contact information here.



How do I contact my customer after a sale?

The Order Notes panel displays notes attached to the order and can be used to communicate order updates for customers to view.


Notes is the primary tool for communicating with customers. Need to add a tracking number for shipping? Is the order delayed? Add a customer note and they are automatically notified by email.



Notes color codes:

  • Purple: system status notices, such as payment processing details
  • Grey: general status updates, such as status changes or private notes. Customers do not see these notes, but may receive notification of them – for example, when the status changes from processing to completed, an email may be sent (depending on your settings).
  • Blue: notes to the customer. Customers receive notes via email, but can also view them by viewing an order, or using their order tracking page.



How do I refund an order?

  1. Go to:  Vendor Dashboard> Orders
  2. Select the order you wish to refund.
  3. Click the grey Refund button to start.
  4. Specify the quantity of the product(s) to be refunded in the text boxes that appear for each line item. The refund amount will automatically adjust based on the products refunded. If inventory levels are not managed, you can also simply enter the Refund amount, without adjusting the product quantity. If the quantities of items are not set when issuing a refund then the order is not marked as refunded and the email that is sent will say “partial refund.”
  5. Add refund notes, if desired.
  6. Click Refund


In the Order Items, there will be a note that a refund has been processed. If a refund has been completed for the entire order, the order status will be automatically changed to refunded. If a partial refund was awarded, the status will not change.